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Teamwork Services Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia

Hello colleagues,.. let us climb to the volcano trekking adventure trip mount Rinjani in Lombok island Indonesia and climb the mountain Rinjani get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn, Take your time on the adventure of your life, you will feel the fresh face is shining when the sport and recreation in the mountain Rinjani

Talking about hiking Mount Rinjani offers a complete kind from blazing savanna, steep rocky terrain, slippery sandy hills, solid ground, Rain forest, etc. It was interesting yet torturous. People usually travel through two different routes. The two most common are Sembalun and Senaru trails. We choose to start from Sambalun and return through Senaru gate. The consideration was that Sembalun has gentle trek with incredible view although it was very long and blazing. You can also reach the summit first before go down to the lake, so you would be fit enough. In contrast, if you start from Senaru, the trails is cool as the it is predominantly a dense rain-forest jungle but a little bit extreme. You can enjoy the lake first but if you want to reach the peak, you need extra stamina after days of up and down especially passing through the lake Segara Anak, which has a very challenging trail.

Our teamwork also helps you to tackle and overcome the difficult times faced by the ascent of Mount Rinjani trekking to the Summit, particularly the height of Mount Rinjani 3726 meters, because there is a lot of sand for a foothold on your feet that are difficult. Journey to the top of Mount Rinjani with a crater lip onto the exhausting trip, with loose, sandy terrain make a step backwards because when hampered us, we will go down a half-step, it’s a fun journey end height of 200 meters before the Summit. Gravel mixed with sand along the hiking trail at the beginning strenuous hike to the summit of Mount Rinjani. Step foot repeatedly slipped when stepping ankle deep sand. And no need to hesitate, you are accompanied by a guide and how the method moves the leg you climb to the top of Mount Rinjani. Don’t forget to bring your goggles to avoid splashes of dust, because suddenly the wind came we approached.

We have a long experience of working in the corporate travel agent since 1979

We are as Porters trusted from Mr. I Nengah Sakewathy as Chairman since 1979 of the Sasak Lombok Tours & Travels agency, they are one of the oldest travel agencies in Lombok since 1970, until now it is still active, namely the Sasak Lombok Tours & Travels and adventures since it we work incrementally as the Guide hiking to mount Rinjani. Now we can do the preparation before climbing to mount Rinjani and cooking supplies, provides guidance in the guide speaks English and speak Indonesia for mountaineers Rinjani is good for tourists and domestic.

Our experience at Mount Rinjani

At the beginning point of the ascent of Mount Rinjani is not easy to do it, we should work out before climbing to mount Rinjani National Park, because we have to prepare physically and mentally. Climbing is also available from the village of Senaru then back to Senaru village is best suited for beginner climbers with the package 3 days 2 nights including accommodation under the foot of Mount Rinjani, before starting to climb in the morning, we had a three-point points to begin the climb from Sembalun Lawang regions until the ends activity up arriving in the village of Senaru, or also from the village of Senaru to Sembalun Lawang regions, is also climbing from Torean and ends to Senaru village, so many traces of the winding road to the first posts have been lost, many beautiful tall grass gave the impression that dazzled, but seems no visible footprint grass that has been part of the Stampede, so the grass looks runs high, and this often happens to lose direction (pathfinder) or step you’re on, then very in need to help guide and porter around Mount Rinjani to avoid losing directions and steps, certainly also where to look for the source of water for drinking and cooking purposes.

We’ve seen a student lost direction and was lost during the climb to mount Rinjani without involving a guide or porter around the foot of Mount Rinjani, in case of accident or illness, a friend or a porter we are ready to serve you assume and brings you back to Senaru to Sembalun Lawang regions or Guides and porters we have very extensive experience and help you very sincerely, we hope that will not happen something fatal, we will help a lot on Your tolerance, we can do a good job over on Mount Rinjani, them as porters (porter) is a very good friend and has full responsibility for working with you, if they have faith in the mutual help between friends Sometimes one of the porter, we are not fluent Indonesia language, usually the local language they generally use the language of Sasak.

So, we want to learn more tolerance of observation, when you help each other understand with our porters to climb Mt. Rinjani or bring Your Luggage load estimated from 20 kg to 25 kg, does that include canoes for Lake Segara Anak? or camera equipment? Our porters are still able to adjust their conditions, as climbers are, in General, photographer, adventure film, the adventures of both domestic and foreign tourists, University, HIGH SCHOOL, JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL students and other entrepreneurs.

This is part of your sports, walking slowly with full concentration to see the sights around, steps that you don’t feel tired “in time” of course you get the post first and then break and Porter will find a source Spring nature not far from our camp, we opted to cook using natural water sources on Mount Rinjani, but on appeal the fresh mineral water that we buy at the store will definitely Cook the things they usually do, we guarantee your satisfaction enjoy from my team cooking, we strongly need stamina healthy food and energy field, it is not good not only instant noodles or pancakes every day.

Food and beverage service at Mount Rinjani

Our food and beverage menu depending on the specific time, usually every climber can consider that we have been providing food, soup, vegetarian or non vegetarian, spaghetti, fried chicken, fried noodles, fried rice, goat meat barbeque, toast, fried banana, to demand necessary to cook vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, fried potatoes, mayonnaise, and green vegetables, fruits are also available such as Apple, pineapple and fresh fruit is healthy to have a good stamina during the ascent of Mount Rinjani, so you need to know, our Porter will pass you at the time of the first ascent of the reason for it is to prepare for cooking in the first post so as not to overcook the cooking results, the cuisine we have extra stamina will be healthy, because the weather is cold enough, that we have presented a menu of options that you like, don’t forget bring tools fishing rod for fishing at Lake Segara Anak is OK…  and may never taste the dishes including fresh water fish, this is a delicious typical cuisine of Indonesia mmm… while enjoying nature in the beautiful surroundings of Mount Rinjani

The number of porter (officers of the carrier equipment and goods climbers) accounted 250 people at the ascent of Senaru, north Lombok Regency, and 150 people in the Sembalun regions, East Lombok. In Teres Genit, Bayan District, there are also 100 porter. Tourism development of Mount Rinjani climb also brings up a new venture, the tour guides of the waterfall which currently amounted to 22 people. While the number of female guide who previously only five people have now increased to 32 people.

Accommodation we provide at Mount Rinjani

Accommodation businesses also developed quite rapidly, currently numbering 25 home stay, i.e. 16 units located in Sembalun and located in Senaru regions in unit 11. The existence of Mount Rinjani trekking tourism opens up job opportunities and strive for the surrounding community. In line with increasingly hectic tourists visiting the attractions of Mount Rinjani (3.726 m above sea level), also increasing people’s income. The beauty and uniqueness of Mount Rinjani to be an attraction for foreigners and Indonesia to visit the attractions. This gives the blessing for the surrounding community, due to the open job opportunities and striving. Mount Rinjani trekking tours, is one of nature’s best tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Visits to special-interest tourism, it also has increased each year. With increasingly growing tourism trekking opportunities strives for the surrounding community. And we are one of these Trekking Organizer (TO)

Start hike Mount Rinjani

We will welcome you at the Airport or from the port in Lombok, then we drove to the Sembalun Lawang village takes 2-3 hours with a private car which was already provided. After arriving at the foot of Mount Rinjani or Mountain Rinjani National Park, we will welcome in the hotel direct or climbing, Official trails climb Mount Rinjani makes it easy for climbers who want to mount Rinjani in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Mount Rinjani 3.726 m height above sea level is a mountain for this purpose often become local and international climbers, mostly because of the level of its beauty is above average with the Lake Segara Anak and the Summit of Mount Rinjani. There are several main official line often used by climbers of Mount Rinjani. Follow The Tracks.

1. The ascent from Senaru Village

The ascent of Senaru is most crowded climbing routes, this is because in addition to the tracking is also often used as hiking paths by indigenous peoples who will perform traditional/religious rituals at the top of Rinjani or Lake Segara Anak. Integrated Climbing (Mount Rinjani National Park Office) Senaru.

Climbing route i.e. from Senaru village – Pelawangan Senaru – Lake Segara Anak, walk takes 10 hours through the tourist trail in old-growth forests and along the trail have provided a means of escape in every post. from Senaru gate to Lake Segara Anak there are three post trail. along the way visitors can enjoy the beauty of the wilderness and rocks.

To obtain information about climbing Mount Rinjani have provided Integrated Climbing Centre (Rinjani Trek Centre) by the collaboration of the National Park mount Rinjani Hall with NZAID (New Zealand International Development Asistance), from Lake Segara Anak, when you want to continue the journey to the Summit of Mount Rinjani, you must go to the crater Plawangan Sembalun regions which takes 4 hours, from the crater Plawangan Sembalun regions to the top of Mount Rinjani takes 4-5 hours.

The hike to the Summit of Mount Rinjani is generally done at 2 a.m., it’s meant to be enjoyed in the morning sunrise (Sunrise) from the top of Mount Rinjani and can enjoy views of the entire island of Lombok is Bali Island even when the weather is nice.

Mileage the ascent of Mount Rinjani from Senaru Village

Started to climb from Senaru to Plawangan Senaru Crater Rim height 2641m takes time to climb 7 hours
From The Crater Plawangan Senaru descend to Lake Segara Anak takes 3-4 hours
From Lake Segara Anak climb to Plawangan Sembalun Crater Rim altitude 2639 m takes 3 hours
From The Plawangan Sembalun Crater hike to the Summit of Mount Rinjani takes 3-4 hours
From The Plawangan Sembalun Crater descend to the village of Sembalun Lawang takes 6 hours

2. The ascent from Sembalun Lawang Village

The Sembalun regions is the bustling lanes traversed by visitors especially by fans of trekking. Routes that traversed is the gate from Sembalun Lawang Village – The crater Plawangan Sembalun – Summit of Mount Rinjani takes 10 hours. The line is very dramatic and impressive tourist trail that you are going through is the savanna and the winding mountain ridge with the abyss on the left and right of the line.

Compared with the ascents of Senaru, the line is not too steep, but since it is dominated by the savanna makes your journey full of sweat by the searing Sun that seared, but all of it will be gone when you feel stunned by the beautiful views of the field and the vast forest stretches along the Green Valley to the East of Mount Rinjani, even from your eyes will be spoiled by the beautiful Straits of Alas and Sumbawa island in the distance.

The climb to the Summit of Mount Rinjani was very draining, you’ll find sand above an altitude of 3000 feet to the Summit, however, mired from the sand deep enough footing, After arriving at the Summit of Mount Rinjani, you can rest a few minutes while enjoying the panoramic nature and prided himself had set foot in once one foot in Indonesia as well as cause a sense of Awesome will of God’s creation.

Mileage the ascent of Mount Rinjani from Sembalun Lawang

Started to climb from Sembalun Lawang TO Plawangan Sembalun Crater height 2639m takes time to climb 7 hours
From Plawangan Sembalun crater to the Summit of mount Rinjani climb takes 3-4 hours
From The Crater Plawangan Sembalun Regions down to Lake Segara Anak takes 3 hours
From Lake Segara Anak climb again into Plawangan Senaru Crater height 2641m takes 3 hours
From The Crater Plawangan Senaru down to Senaru Village takes 6 hours
From the village of Senaru ride to Mataram or Senggigi area takes 2 and a half hours

3. The ascent from Torean

Inhabitants of Torean are mostly open fields of maize, cocoa, as well as a shepherd of gardening of livestock, especially cattle.
Hiking track Torean has not been as popular as Senaru and Sembalun regions, two routes that had usually taken climbers to the top of Rinjani. Local people use it as a gateway to the National Park of Mount Rinjani. Usually they travel the path Torean for treatment with a dip in the natural hot springs that are found in a number of points along this route. Those wishing to fish in the Lake Segara Anak also passes through Torean.

The Torean offers a panoramic view of nature along the track, which are enclosed in a wall mount Rinjani and Sangkareang Ridge, visible thick forest, cliffs, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and natural hot springs, including flowing in the cave.
Along this line, from the village of Torean towards the National Park of Mount Rinjani time limit on this post we find climbing fields. Shepherd of the cow. pasture and plantations is forest area. 20-45% of the slopes within the limits of the village of National Park of Mount Rinjani with the heading Torean ± 5.00 Km with a slope of approximately 10-30%.

Best travel periods or for normal we mean climbers already have experience of other mountain climbing is the climbing of Mount Rinjani Package 4 days 3 nights including accommodation in national park of Mount Rinjani climb before it starts in the morning, if you want to climb the first place that reached the top of 3,726 meters, you must stay overnight at Plawangan Sembalun Crater for easy 3,726 meter rises to the top, then there is an additional fee or optional to go summit of 3.726 m, please wake up early at 03 may morning, climbing on everything from Plawangan Sembalun crater is approximately 3-4 hours to the highest peaks, enjoying the view as a whole in the morning to see the Sunrise, the look of “Mountain Baru Jari” in the crater and the surrounding peaks, about 10 minutes or so we were in the highest nature, don’t forget to bring a camera or images together as memories, we’ll go back down into Plawangan Sembalun Crater around 08:30 am and then breakfast served by our porter, for 30 minutes, then we will arrange for a porter all wrapped up the tents and kitchen supplies, groceries and ready to get down to Lake Segara Anak, please be extra careful when we were going down, many are watching or they have said it is a scary path! but we think it is not! you have to be ready mentally and physically when we are going to go down from Plawangan Sembalun Crater to Lake Segara Anak, we will find pebbles and stones down and find the gravel and stone and looks pretty steep cliffs … wow! We must and we should be able to spend the night next to Lake Segara Anak altitude 2000 meters above sea level and see some photos gallery album of our guests there are click on our facebook page

As long as we are on Lake Segara Anak, you can rest in the tent that has been prepared by our porters, while coastal Lakes to view New Mountain called Mount New fingers and natural surroundings, due to the cold weather you can bathe in natural hot springs so that our strong and long bone age according to the version by people on Lombok, generally by people who never meditation and also by those performing the ceremony of “Pekelem” by Hindus who have been held once a year around Lake Segara Anak, please see some photos of our guests there are on our facebook page

Generally the best times for climbing Mount Rinjani in April, may, June, July, August, September until the end of December, when the rainy season, we won’t take the risk of hiking track is quite slippery and we hope on ignore.

Generally allows climbers of Mount Rinjani, over the age of 5 years and did not receive a heart disease, asthma and vertigo indications (the attraction of the Earth if it saw steep curiosity in push it down)

We also provide vegetarian cuisine, you can choose the menu foods according to taste, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Guide Mount Rinjani

Any visitors/group recommend to can take advantage of services of guides (Guide/Porter) from local people who are recommended by us

A Long Ascent Limit Mount Rinjani

A long ascent limit allowed in the National Park of Mount Rinjani for travelers between 3-5 days, if over the limit that has been determined to be communicated with us. When climbers breaching the limit long ascent then was considered in violation of and will be subject to sanctions.

Climbing Closures Mount Rinjani

The closure of hiking paths is one form of management of the climbing is done in order to restore (recovery) of ecosystems, the anticipation of danger of fire due to drought, cold weather and the anticipation of the rainy season that accompanied the wind that may harm the climbers. There are 2 closing mechanisms, namely a routine and incidental (at any time when needed) the certainty of closure will be issued by the clerk of the National Park of Mount Rinjani and announced through the entrance and in the Office of the National Park of Mount Rinjani).

Routine Closure Mount Rinjani

The closure of the hiking paths are routinely done during planned every year once at the time of the rainy season at the time specified during the early January to late March, other than rain and strong winds accompanying the danger at any time can occur. All trekkers agent in Lombok or other branch agent does not serve climb mount Rinjani on Eid feast, but only we can serve you at the feast of Eid al-Fitr religious holiday, but if you want to have a tolerance for a bonus our team, and we are ready to serve you.

The Legend Of Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is the third highest mountain in Indonesia (3,726 m), the rescue of one of the many mysteries of existence of Queen Anjani. According to the faith community around, Queen Anjani, is the Queen as ruler of Mount Rinjani. They believe that Queen Anjani was born from the marriage with a certain type of Sasak Lombok, She face is still beautiful and Liberating the descendants of King. In honor of the goddess Queen Anjani, the General often hold religious rituals ceremony on Mount Rinjani and Lake Segara Anak, with the release of fish small fish made of thin gold Lake Segara Anak.

Some of the tourism sites of interest to visit in the mountain Rinjani namely

The summit of Mount Rinjani 3726 meters. Mountain climbing, camping and enjoy the natural panorama of Lombok. Lake Segara Anak, Sebau and mountain Jari Baru. Research, to enjoy the natural phenomena or natural phenomenon, the source of hot water, bath, observation and explore the forest animals. In Maulud, the Segara Anak Lake is often used as cultural attractions Pakelem (bathe the keris). Otakkokoq and Kembang Kuning villages. Bath heated to the smell of sulfur (refine skin) and waterfalls.
Cultural attractions outside the national parks; Topat War in December and in January Ciwaratri in Mataram.

Visit the best season at Mount Rinjani from April to September each year

Price per person or sharing including the national park entrance fee mount Rinjani, tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, bread, rice, eggs, cheese, noodles, coffee, tea, mineral water, chicken meat, if you exceed Baggage Transportation there will be an additional cost of Porter, if there is a request for a victory celebration, birthdays and holidays, we can provide within one week before you come to Lombok, if there is a request for a group or share them with other participants can we notify to the next period, preferably one month before arriving in Lombok, please let us know via email listed below, we will organize to save cost for sharing with a group of other participants

Please visit the people who’ve ever climb Mount Rinjani with our services click on Photo Gallery of the ascent of Mount Rinjani in Facebook Page

If your have time after climbing Mount Rinjani, we offer you option tour snorkel to Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis including boat, mask, swim fins and sea food lunch or tours snorkeling to Gili Trawangan surrounding areas including boats, masks, swim fins, life jacket, of course your soreness is recovered.

Trekking Mount Rinjani package 2 days 1 nights via Sembalun | Trekking Mount Rinjani package 3 days 2 nights via Sembalun | Trekking Mount Rinjani package 4 days 3 nights via Sembalun | Trekking Mount Rinjani package 5 days 4 nights via Sembalun | Trekking Mount Rinjani package 6 days 5 nights via Sembalun |

Trekking Mount Rinjani package 2 days 1 nights via Senaru | Trekking Mount Rinjani package 3 days 2 nights via Senaru | Trekking Mount Rinjani package 4 days 3 nights via Senaru | Trekking Mount Rinjani package 5 days 4 nights via Senaru | Trekking Mount Rinjani package 6 days 5 nights via Senaru |

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