Hiking Pergasingan Hill Package 3 days 2 nights

Pergasingan Hill package 3 days 2 nights near mount Rinjani

Hiking and Camping Pergasingan Hill

That is a Natural Park Pergasingan Hill at 1670 meters which height above sea level, this park is located on a hill north of the Sembalun village. Pergasingan taken from the word (Gasing) and the top of the hill have a history that this hill was once used to match a top game by residents Sembalun.

And has now become a Natural Park – TWA ( Taman Wisata Alam ) Pergasingan hill has many tourists visited by local and international because the location is very interesting and incredible scenery can be enjoyed in this mountain, ranging from camping ground, the beauty of the sunrise and sunset and are no longer overlooked stretch of frosting colors paddy fields and colorful villages will always be remembered Sembalun back in the visitors.

Some visitors use this place as a training before climbing Mount Rinjani even now this hill has been in use as a start for Extreme sports such as paragliding, mountain bikes and other, besides Pergasingan hill called the paradise of photographers because in these hills can all enjoy ..!

60% of visitors who come to these hills are high school students and college students who take advantage of the weekend to relieve boredom in the city, in the hills because it is the only one who answered the sense of boredom in the city, besides the students also take advantage of this hill as a place of learning about the true nature, because in Pergasingan hill visitors can find thousands of species of flora and fauna, and it all functions for humans and the natural surroundings..!

Re-Opening of Pergasingan Hill on 20-June-2020

Great news for friends who love the natural beauty of Sembalun village under foot Mount Rinjani
It will soon open Pergasingan Hill ascent tourism destination by following the government protocol and several SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of climbing from Pergasingan Hill manager.

Obligations of tourists / Climber Hiking Pergasingan

1. Must use a mask and bring a spare mask
2. A maximum of 2 people in 1 tent
3. Wash your hands with soap / other detergent
4. Travelers must bring a hand sanitizer
5. Returning tourists have a body temperature above normal
6. Ensure he is in good health from covid 19
7. Tourists or climbers are required to bring down trash with the Eco Break system
8. Tourists may not cut trees
9. Tourists are prohibited from passing or breaking existing barriers
10. Travelers must follow the Covid-19 protocol
11. Tourists are not allowed one tent with the opposite sex except husband and wife
12. Tourists not carry illegal drugs

We provide Pergasingan Hill

1. Wash your hands at the ticket window
2. Body temperature checking tool

Itinerary a trip to climb Hill Pergasingan package 3 days 2 night

  • Central Lombok Airport – Sembalun Lawang
    Arrival Day: Our team will pick you up at Lombok Airport or Mataram city and Senggigi area, then our team will transfer you by private car and join together in one car leads to your hotel to Sembalun Lawang under foot Mount Rinjani riding reach during 3 hours. After arriving at your hotel Sembalun, the guide will welcome you to give directions or briefings to prepare for climbing tomorrow morning to Mount Rinjani on condition of fitness level well.
  • Pergasingan Hill in Sembalun Lawang
    Enjoying a hilltop Pergasingan inexperienced climbers should also do so, this package we offer stunning scenery, ranging from the highlands, lowlands, rice fields, hills that surround the village Sembalun. All types of preparation begins in Sembalun Lawang, you have an unforgettable adventure to the highest part of the hill Pergasingan, you will arrive at the top of the hill Pergasingan at lunch. Once finished lunch, drive back towards Sembalun Lawang and will arrive in the afternoon. This will test your mental and physical strength.

Sembalun – soft hiking Pergasingan Hill

  • 7:30 Breakfast
    Acquainted with the guide at the hotel while enjoying your morning breakfast.
  • 08:30 Departure to the Pergasingan Hill
    The journey begins !!! trail leading through the hills Pergasingan tended vegetable gardens and rice fields that surround Sembalun Lawang. the result of this fertile land to provide food needed by the local community, and will be your main menu while in the mountain national parks rinjani. all foods prepared by us.
  • 09:00
    The first resort is on the ridge of the hill Pergasingan, a spot distance of approximately 1.5 hours of Sembalun Lawang village. the ridge trail leading through a very extensive grasslands. enjoy snacks and drinks you there while making preparations for the next trip.
  • 10:30
    The trail between the ridge to the summit is not too steep, after 1.5 hours you will arrive Pergasingan hilltop, a place where you can watch the entire village Sembalun and hills that surround it. you should have lunch at the hilltop Pergasingan.
  • 12:30
    When he reached the top of the hill Pergasingan you’ll be amazed at how beautiful this world in which her eyes and your mind will be pampered by the beauty of the universe that is so beautiful from the hilltop Pergasingan, besides you see the beautiful village of Sembalun you will also hear the chirping of birds around you, and wild cattle that still you can see on the hill Pergasingan, lunch, while looking and feeling natural beauty, the porters will prepare lunch for you serve.
  • 13:30 Around Pergasingan hills
    After lunch you will be invited to surround the hilltop Pergasingan where all sides hilltop offering panoramic different Pergasingan such, the western part of the hill Pergasingan you will clearly see how beautiful Mount Rinjani clearly visible, the peak of the southern part of the beautiful scenery of rice fields to the community Sembalun that seemed to deliberately arranged but all that was there with naturally, in addition to rice fields, you also can watch the village Sembalun the lake surrounded by hills, Pusuk Selong, lassie and other hills in the east, you will be presented to enjoy how beautiful the natural vegetation that is still heavy with old trees for decades, even centuries so that in the forest there are wild animals such as deer, wild boar and deer ape wild birds other two can you hear that you will be amazed and want to come back again to visit the region Pergasingan hill, besides the beauty of the view from the top of the hill in the north where the Pergasingan of this hill you will enjoy and breathe in the sea air that normally carried by the wind that accompanied us to be relieving stress or boredom.
  • 14:30 Enjoy the outdoors with a glass of tea or coffee
    After surround all sides of the hilltop Pergasingan, the porter you are ready to serve you with preparing coffee or tea
  • 17:30 Dinner Pergasingan Hill
    Before nightfall the porter you will prepare your dinner are served, when the sun sinks in the food that will be to back by the porter you will you serve accompanied by the sun which in this case every second day will sink right eye on foot mount rinjani north west
  • 05:30 Sunrise
    The sun usually rises at 06.00 and you can watch the sunrise with clear from the hill Pergasingan so before 06.00 am, you will be built right by the porter or guide you and before you wake up your bed and the porters you are ready to serve you with breakfast your first, after breakfast first you will be invited by your guide to see the sunrise from the eastern horizon where the sun is gradually will illuminate the hills that surround the village Sembalun, before the sun shining on the hills and villages that Sembalun the first rays of the sun will be shining on the third highest mountain in Indonesia (Gunung Rinjani).
  • 7:00 Breakfast
    After the first breakfast with accompanied by sunrise you will be served by the porter you breakfast both before you make the pictures or go back to the village Sembalun
  • 09:00 Headed Sembalun Lawang
    Depart to Sembalun not so difficult that you have plenty of time to do the activity at the top of the hill Pergasingan, once you are satisfied move on top of the hill you will Pergasingan now come down from the hill Pergasingan to bring mementos very fascinating
  • 12:00 pm visiting Mangku Sakti waterfall, Umar Maya waterfall and Telaga Madu waterfalls
    After a climb of Hill Pergasingan, we will drive the pickup to the waterfall, The river that traversed to reach the waterfall Telaga Madu is truly enchanting. Along the way you can enjoy the charm of the river cliffs are met by natural stones are beautiful. You can also watch the expanse of rocks that are equally fascinating and I am sure that you will not waste the opportunity to document your trip around the river flow. After traveling approximately 6 to 7 minutes then you will see a pretty big waterfalls and tall with greenish white water, that’s the Waterfall Telaga Madu.

Waterfall Telaga Madu measuring 20 meters high with a greenish white water and cool ambiance. This waterfall is greenish white nuanced because his water contain sulfur (sulfur). In part this waterfall spills there is a fairly large pool so that visitors can swim and frolic under the waterfall spills. This waterfall spills form a fairly large pool, the size of the pool of his approximately one acre to a depth of 50 cm to 2 m Depth 2 m only at the base of the waterfall spills only, while in other parts of the measuring in about 50 cm to 120 cm. Thus every visitor can swim around the Pool while indulging his body with water spray sulfur that can treat various diseases of the skin and bones. Arrive in the village Sembalun Lawang and rest, where we provide car were waiting there. And then trip one way to Mataram or Senggigi approx 3 hours (End Services)

The price hiking Pergasingan hill package 3 days 2 nights on pay person

  • 2 – 3 Participant = US$ 232 per person
  • 4 – 6 Participant = US$ 229 per person
  • 7 – 10 Participant = US$ 227 per person
  • 11 – 15 Participant and up = US$ 225 per person

Available the above rate Hiking Pergasingan Hill are discount and until valid December 31′ 2024, please book and reservation via our Email

The price hiking Pergasingan Hill includes

– One night hotels in Sembalun Lawang and breakfast include.
– Guide and Porter
– Tents and toilet tent
– Each got a sleeping bag
– Each got a mattress
– Each got a mountain chair
– Each got a water bottle
– Trekking activity at Pergasingan Hill 2 days 1 nights
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the climb
– 2 time transportation (Airport Lombok – Sembalun) (Sembalun – Mataram OR Senggigi areas)
– Entrance fee National Park Pergasingan Hill at Rinjani Trek Centre (RTC)

The ascent of Pergasingan Hill requires you to have a good level of fitness and ability to walk long distance. Person with mountain sickness or height phobia and also asthma are not allowed to join this tour. Individual or group departures are available upon request. We can customize any date based on request with minimum 2 persons in each group. There are two type of service to choose, Deluxe or Budget service.

Reservation Payment and Condition

Transfer into our bank account as deposit 50% one month before coming to Lombok and remaining payment upon arrival on the first day
Please not to cut the cost of transfer from the above prices
When you have to agree with the above prices, we will send proforma invoice via attachment

Our Bank account

  • Bank Address: KCU CAKRANEGARA
  • ACCT Number: 0560882122
  • Beneficiary name: I Komang Satya Budi
  • Swift code: CENAIDJA
  • Swift Sort Code: CENA

There have noted: Using Guaranteed Euro is very simple.
The Sender must provide the name of the Receiver, an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or account number and a correct BIC Code (Swift Code)

What you should bring Hiking Pergasingan Hill

· Camera
· Light Jacket
· Sunscreen
· Raincoat (December – April)
· Sunglasses
· Toilet paper wet and dry
· Personal medicine
· Small amount of money
· Flashlight
· Personal hygiene items (e.g. tampons, etc)
· Light fleece / sweater
· Towel (for the 2nd day)
· Spare T-shirt
· Warm hat (for evening, morning and summit)
· Tiger Balm or spray muscle (for muscle pain)
· Long pants and shorts
· Gloves

About your porter Pergasingan Hill

Our porter will carry food, tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, tarpaulins and kitchen tools are included, the porters are all very fit bring all stuff to Pergasingan Hill each 20 kilos, and not include carrying your bag to the porter, When the guest are 2 people as climbers, we use 1 porters and 1 guide.

If you want to bring luggage to the personal items to Pergasingan Hill by our porter then there is extra porters, additional cost extra porter fee is IDR 150,000 per porter per day, resulting in pay during a hike on Pergasingan Hill 2 DAYS, quotation during the ascent of Pergasingan Hill to IDR 300.000 per one porter. Load fit on the shoulders of porters fix 20 kilos, yes .. porter will follow you during the ascent of Pergasingan Hill, payment is made after climbing activities and paid directly to the porter

On the other luggage Pergasingan Hill

Preferably things that do not need to take it your bag to climb to Pergasingan Hill like a snorkel, so items must be in packing before climb in the morning from your hotel. Your luggage will be stored securely in locked warehouses Lembah Rinjani Hotel, after arriving in Sembalun climbing activity, your luggage will be taken back by our coordinators. It’s the usual things we do with our guests.

Please, give us detailed information of a certainty your flight name and time come to Lombok Airport also the hotel name after trekking Pergasingan Hill, please advise us the full name participants to help us monitor as a visitor to Pergasingan Hill.

We look forward to hearing from you by email at trekkingrinjani@gmail.com

Price per person or sharing including the national park entrance fee, Pergasingan Hill, the Rinjani Trek Centre, tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, bread, rice, eggs, cheese, noodles, coffee, tea, mineral water, chicken meat, if you exceed Baggage Transportation there will be an additional cost of Porter, if there is a request for a victory celebration, birthdays and holidays, we can provide within one week before you come to Lombok, if there is a request for a group or share them with other participants can we notify to the next period, preferably one month before arriving in Lombok, please let us know via email listed below, we will organize to save cost for sharing with a group of other participants

Read more Term and Condition Hiking Mount Rinjani and Tours in Lombok

We have been running Mount Rinjani Trekking Organizer for more than 15 years

Our mission is to harness the vast experience and techniques of creative adventure climb Mount Rinjani to connect some formidable climber needs a change is desirable as a climber, be it climate or weather or terrain change climbing to mount Rinjani. We are constantly focused on quality service that has a surface energy and stamina of the body as a condition fit climbers adventures on Mount Rinjani.

How to choose the best Mount Rinjani Trekking service?

Select your mount Rinjani climb package carefully.
Yes you can follow the low cost once you arrive in Lombok but you tend to get what you pay for at Mount Rinjani. We recommend ignoring the cheapest options and spending a little more to make sure you feel comfortable and safe on Mount Rinjani later on.

Budget a little extra tip for porters and guides Mount Rinjani

Once you see how hard your porters and guides work, you will be happy to increase their income.
A minimum tip of IDR 100,000 per guide/porter from each hiker is a good guide.

You are in safe hands on Mount Rinjani

We are a Mount Rinjani Trekking Organizer, an officially registered tour and travel business license company located in the city of Mataram and all of our guide and porter teams were born and raised in the Mount Rinjani Sembalun National Park area which is of course better known. Each Mount Rinjani climbing team is supported by experienced and licensed local guides and porters. All trekking equipment, food and drinks will be brought by the porter, you just need to bring a balanced personal necessities bag, also bring a backpack of about 5 to 7 kg

Mount Rinjani without a guide and porters

If not experienced as adventurous ascent to Mount Rinjani do not follow links in the website that climb Mount Rinjani without guide and porter, unexpected losses, Mount Rinjani National Park officers do not allow without guide and porter! avoid the event of undesirable things also likely to be out of the area of Mount Rinjani National Park. While it is technically possible to trek Mount Rinjani without a tour or a guide, it is actively discouraged both by the government and the community. If you’re injured on the mountain without a guide or porters, you’ll be in some serious trouble. If you do decide to trek Mount Rinjani independently, please sign in at National Park Mount Rinjani office and pay the entrance fee. Though it’s questionable whether the fees are used to maintain Mount Rinjani, signing in is for your own safety.

We recommend using a guide and porter Mount Rinjani

Trekking Mount Rinjani is not recommended to do it alone, without being accompanied by a porter or guide. Especially for those who have never been to Mount Rinjani, because several climbers died on Mount Rinjani. The reasons are various, some are lost, some are cold and tired and other reasons. They initial intention was to take a vacation, but it turned into a disaster and troubled other people around Mount Rinjani (Suggestion of Mount Rinjani National Park Officers).