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Hello Hiking Lover..

“Hiking” is involves a long energetic walk in a natural environment on hiking Mount Rinjani trails or footpaths for a day or overnight.

“Trekking” is involves a long vigorous hike in wild natural Mount Rinjani environment for multiple days. It can be done off hiking trails. Climbing Mount Rinjani is a difficult climbing route, we serve you hiking as beginner climbers of Mount Rinjani and trekking experience climbers on Mount Rinjani

“We are travel agency hiking mount Rinjani services and as trekking organizer mount Rinjani” Offers tour packages to climb Mount Rinjani National Park in Lombok island and its surroundings.

How we work as Mount Rinjani trekking organizers

Our job is to monitor coordinator at Mount Rinjani. Monitoring, researching and giving direction to the implementation of the work between porter and guide. We provided guidance and advice to guide and porter so that the implementation of the work running smoothly. Examine the query cost. Do the results of the coordination worked regularly. Knowing the target level of the job. Responsible for completion of the work of Mr. Satya Budi or guide and porter. We have a strong team work and uphold the excellent service to the client as well as with fellow guide and porter. You can enjoy the benefits of exercise, the challenge of climbing Mount Rinjani, please prepare your self in a healthy condition and fit, where the physical preparation for better as well as mentality.

Information from Mount Rinjani National Park Office

Carrying out data collection on tourism actors/tourism service providers and encouraging tourism actors to take care of IUPJWA (business permits given for the provision of natural tourism services in natural tourism activities)

Data collection on tourism service providers who carry out activities in the Mount Rinjani National Park area was carried out to obtain basic data regarding tourism actors (Trekking Organizers, guides and porters) who carry out tourism service activities in the Mount Rinjani National Park area.

This data is also used as a guideline in encouraging tourism actors, including Trekking Organizers, guides and porters, to take care of Business Permits for Providing Nature Tourism Services. To date, only 2 (two) Trek Organizers have received business permits to provide nature tourism services for nature tourism activities from the Mount Rinjani National Park Office.

License Trekking Organizer Mount Rinjani
License Trekking Organizer Mount Rinjani
Certificate from Mount Rinjani National Park Office
Certificate from Mount Rinjani National Park Office