Tours Snorkeling Gili Kondo East of Lombok

Tour Snorkeling Gili Kondo East of Lombok

An underwater journey with an unforgettable snorkeling experience in the three hidden Gilis of East Lombok.
Explore the beautiful Gili Kondo, Gili Bidara and Gili Petangan on a day in paradise.
Snorkel in warm, clear turquoise waters teeming with tropical marine life and colorful coral reefs.
Enjoy a hassle-free journey with round trip transfers from various hotels in Lombok.

Lombok is called as a thousand Island Gili

A row of exotic island around Lombok.
One of the many travelers who do not know is the Gili Kondo in East Lombok.
Nature under the sea is wonderful.

Traveling to Lombok is not yet complete.
When not exploring the scattered around the Gili exotic island.
The most famous of the three Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

Gili Kondo in East Lombok

But Lombok still has dozens of other Gili, one of them is a Gili Kondo.
Gili Kondo in East Lombok, about three hours drive from Mataram and ten minutes to cross the harbor Padak Juar.

The best time for traveling to Gili Kondo is in summer or the middle of the year.
The waters are not too deep Gili Kondo, the water is clear, clean, and calm the waves.

Gili Bidara near Gili Kondo

When the water receded, we can even walk across to the island of Gili Bidara, which is located just about 500 meters from the East coast of Gili Kondo.

When the snorkel in Gili Kondo

We’ll see hordes of docile fish, coral reefs, colorful fish, and dozens of nemo.
A unique, here are some black nemo, a type of clownfish or clown fish with darker hues.

After snorkeling, we can settle for island hopping, walking down the white sand that surrounded the island no more than 1 square km.
Foot was equipped with while enjoying the afternoon sun, which from a distance seems to get lost behind the arms of Mount Rinjani.

Want to stay overnight here?
There are several wooden house or gazebo, that Lombok is called Berugaq, and there are areas for camper.
If hungry, we providing lunch box sandwich and drinks.

Gili Kondo makes us feel like on a private island.
The perfect place for your honeymoon or just a small party with friends.

Gili Pasir is a small island that appears close to Lombok Sea

Tour Snorkeling Gili Pasir
Tour Snorkeling Gili Pasir

The name Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara has become increasingly popular after news spread that MotoGP 2021 would be held in Mandalika.

So far, Lombok is known for its natural tourist destinations such as Mount Rinjani, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, or Gili Air.

Apart from these four places, there are other destinations that are also worth visiting because they have unique natural phenomena, namely Gili Pasir. Gili Pasir is a sand island in the middle of the sea that only appears when the water is low.

From Tanjung Luar Harbor we can take a boat which takes about 20 minutes. This sand island is not large, so people who are lucky enough to land there can experience the sensation of having a private island in one day.

The stretch of fine white sand combined with clear turquoise water makes for an unforgettable marine tourism or photo-taking experience. Even though the water is clear, it begs you to jump in, but tourists are not advised to swim around it, because there are lots of sea urchins and starfish scattered around.

Remember, don’t move starfish out of the water just to use them as photo props, because this behavior is very dangerous for their survival. Tourists are also advised to wear comfortable clothing and footwear as well as heat protection. Don’t forget to store the electronic items you bring to avoid splashes of sea water.
Don’t forget to throw away rubbish in the right place because this island still lacks tourist facilities and services.

The appearance of Gili Pasir reportedly only lasts for four to five hours in the dry season. Around Gili Pasir there are also several uninhabited Gili (small islands), such as Gili Kere, Gili Kambing, Gili Sunut, and Gili Petelu. There is only one inhabited Gili, namely Gili Maringkik.

Tour price Gili Kondo

Price from: USD 99
Availability: Daily
Vehicle: AC Coach & Boat
Duration: 10 hours
Lunch box sandwich + cool water + fruit

The Gili Kondo Snorkeling tour are start from your hotels in Senggigi area, other area will be extra charge accordingly.

The above tour price Gili Kondo valid until March 2024
The cost of the above allow for discounts

Please book your reservation and in the daily operation of our office via email at

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