Daily flight departure time schedule from Lombok International Airport

The following data and information gathered from various sources, used as reference only. Schedule is subject to change without notice. See also: Daily flight arrival & schedule time to Praya Lombok International Airport (LOP)

Getting to Mount Rinjani

On the first day meeting services at arrival gate then we pick you From Lombok International Airport, Lembar, Labuan Lombok or Bangsal our staff will pick you up with the van or car vehicle full of Air conditioner to bring you to Sembalun OR Senaru. The cost you dealing includes return transportation. Then you will start getting briefing for your next trek.

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UPDATED: June 13th, 2018



06:00 06:55 JT 651 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta Scheduled
06:10 06:30 JT 1861 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
06:55 07:50 GA 431 GARUDA INDONESIA (CGK) Jakarta Scheduled
07:30 08:10 M8571 TRANSNUSA AIR (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
08:50 09:20 SY771 SKY AVIATION (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
08:45 09:05 JT 1863 WINGS AIR AIR (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
10:00 10:55 M8572 TRANSNUSA AIR (BMU) Bima Scheduled
10:30 10:50 JT 1865 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
10:40 11:35 JT 655 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta Scheduled
10:45 11:15 IW 1853 WINGS AIR (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
12:15 12:35 JT 1867 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
12:15 15:25 AK1409 AIR ASIA (KUL) Kuala Lumpur Sun, Wed, Fri
12:35 13:05 IW 1851 WINGS AIR (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
12:40 13:35 JT 657 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta Scheduled
13:00 13:35 M8575 TRANSNUSA AIR (SMO) Sumbawa Scheduled
13:20 14:35 GA681 GARUDA INDONESIA (UPG) Ujung Pandang Scheduled
14:00 14:20 JT 1869 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
14:20 15:15 JT653 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta Scheduled
14:55 15:50 GA 433 GARUDA INDONESIA (CGK) Jakarta Scheduled
15:30 16:00 M8576 TRANSNUSA AIR (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
15:45 16:05 JT 1871 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
15:55 16:50 JT 653 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta Scheduled
17:30 17:50 JT 1873 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
17:40 18:10 IW 1855 WINGS AIR (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
17:50 17:40 QG661 CITILINK (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
17:55 18:50 JT 659 LION AIR (CGK) Jakarta Scheduled
19:10 19:55 GA 437 GARUDA INDONESIA (DPS) Denpasar Scheduled
19:15 19:35 JT 1875 WINGS AIR (SUB) Surabaya Scheduled
19:25 22:10 MI 127 SILK AIR (SIN) Singapore Mon, Thu, Sat
20:30 20:20 QG663 CITILINK (SUB) Surabaya Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat, Mon

See also: Daily flight arrival & schedule time to Praya Lombok International Airport (LOP)
Unreliable ** : Subject to change, delay, or cancelled without prior notice
ETD and ETA base on Local Time
*GMT +9 = Labuhan Bajo, East Timor, Irian Jaya.
*GMT +8 = Bima, Sumbawa, Lombok, Bali, Sulawesi.
*GMT +7 = Surabaya, Jakarta, Kalimantan, Sumatera.

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