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Hello Hiking Lover..

“Hiking” is involves a long energetic walk in a natural environment on hiking Mount Rinjani trails or footpaths for a day or overnight.

“Trekking” is involves a long vigorous hike in wild natural Mount Rinjani environment for multiple days. It can be done off hiking trails.
Climbing Mount Rinjani is a difficult climbing route, we serve you hiking as beginner climbers of Mount Rinjani and trekking experience climbers on Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is a spectacular destination for trekking enthusiasts

Here’s everything you need to know before embarking on your epic adventure:

Why Trek Rinjani?

The tough hike to the crater rim rewards you with magnificent views.
Rocky black soil at the summit drops off into a lush valley filled with vibrant purples and greens.
Lake Segara Anak, nestled in the crater, is a deep turquoise, echoing Lombok’s seas.
An active volcano, Mount Barujari, sits on the edge of the lake, occasionally spewing smoke.
At night, the sky blankets you with stars so thick they look painted on.

Trekking Options:

There are two main entry points: Sembalun and Senaru.
On three- and four-day hikes, you depart from one village and descend to the other.

Difficulty Level:

The trek to the crater rim is moderately challenging.
Be prepared for a climb of 1500 meters over 8 kilometers.


You’ll sleep on the crater during the trek.
The crater rim stands at an elevation of approximately 2639 meters (8658 feet) above sea level.

Cost and Services:

Trekking tours vary in cost, so choose wisely.
Select a good our reputable Rinjani trekking service.
Ask about inclusions, such as meals and equipment.

Pack Smart:

Bring essential gear, including sturdy hiking boots, warm clothing, and a headlamp.
Stay hydrated and acclimatize to the altitude.
Remember, trekking Rinjani is challenging, but the reward is worth it. Leap out of your comfort zone and shout, “Hell yes, I did it!” If you’re ready, start planning your epic Mount Rinjani adventure!

Here are more options for your trekking adventure with us

2-Day 1-Night Summit Trek:

This option is perfect for those who are short on time but still want to experience the thrill of reaching the summit. The trek starts at Sembalun Lawang, includes an overnight stay at the crater rim, and culminates in a sunrise summit attempt.

3-Day 2-Night Crater Rim and Lake Trek:

Ideal for trekkers who want a more comprehensive experience. This trek includes a visit to the crater rim, Lake Segara Anak, and the hot springs, with the option to summit if desired.

4-Day 3-Night Full Rinjani Trek:

For those who want to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of Mount Rinjani, this trek covers the summit, lake, and additional exploration of the surroundings. It’s a more relaxed pace with time to enjoy the natural beauty.

Customized Private Treks:

If you’re looking for a more personalized experience, offers customized treks that can be tailored to your preferences, whether it’s focusing on photography, enjoy the beauty of nature, improve mood, or a leisurely pace.

Group Treks:

For solo trekkers or those looking to join a group, there are scheduled group treks that provide an opportunity to meet fellow hikers and share the experience together.

For detailed itineraries, booking, and any special requests, you can contact the team directly through the website or the provided contact information. We’ll be able to assist you with all the necessary arrangements for an unforgettable trekking experience.
Enjoy your adventure on Mount Rinjani!

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